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In 2009, there was no easy way to view FRC event, team, match and ranking data on smart phones. We decided it would be a fun iPhone development project to extract and summarize FRC data, condense it to download onto phones, and present it in a way that made looking things up fast and easy. To do this, we had to scrape FIRST's web site and decode cryptic Tweets from the Field Management System.

In the years since, FIRST has both made their web site much easier to view and navigate from phones and created a data API to make it easier to build apps and web sites for presenting FRC data. This has resulted in a number of smartphone apps in addition to making a web browser bookmark all that most people need.

It's been a lot of fun building a system to download, analyze, summarize and publish in a condensed format that can be quickly, incrementally, downloaded by thousands of app users, but we've decided it's time to focus our time on other projects.

Thanks to FIRST and everyone who supported FRC Tracker over the years.


The FIRST™ Robotics Competition (FRC) is an annual, worldwide robotics competition that teaches high school students math, science, technology and teamwork in a varsity sport environment. In just six weeks, high school teams have to design, build, program and perfect 120-lb robots to compete with and against other teams.

FRC Tracker follows the results of the six weeks of regional competitions leading up to the worldwide championship event. Tracking 3372 teams competing at 148 events worldwide, FRC Tracker downloads data on the thousands of matches as they are played.

Rankings View shows the current ranking of teams at each event by ranking score or any of several statistical measures of performance.

Finals View shows the state of the elimination matches as teams are narrowed down to the finalist and winning alliances.

Photo Sharing allows members of the FRC community to share scouting photos of team robots.


Team Rankings

Each event has a Rankings view which shows the cumulative performance of the teams updated as match results become available. In addition to the official FIRST team rankings, the Rankings view shows three statistical measures of team performance: OPR, DPR and CCWM. The teams can be ranked and sorted by any of those criteria.

OPR Offensive Power Rating is a stastical measure of how much each team contributes to their alliance qualifying match scores. It's based on the simple model that each team contributes a fixed number of points to every qualifying match, then finds what values are required to make that model work out. To get a result, data from at least as many matches as there are teams is required. In other words, an event with 40 teams won't show OPR values until 40 matches have been played.

DPR Defensive Power Rating is similar to OPR but with the assumption that the game is all about defense. It calculates a measure of how many points each team allows their opponents to score, or hands to their opponents by committing fouls.

CCWM Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin combines OPR and DPR to with a model that each team contributes a fixed amount to their alliance's winning margin. Positive numbers mean a team appears, in a statistical way, to their alliances winning by some combination of adding to their score and reducing their opponent's score.

None of these statistical measures account for teams getting better or worse during the course of the competition, but they do have some value in that they can tease out team performance that gets masked in the official ranking by an imbalance in the strength of their partner or opponent teams. Careful scouting will always yield better results than simple statistical analysis.

Robot Photo Sharing

FRC Tracker provides teams with the ability to upload photos of team robots to share with other teams. This is a dedicated service moderated by the FRC Tracker staff to ensure quality robot photos.

In addition to access to the photo library through the FRC Tracker app, we provide access to the library of shared robot photos grouped by event to assist teams with preparing scouting sheets. Visit this year's Photo Gallery to see a list of pages for the events. For past years, see the photo sharing archive page.

Photo Sharing only works if users submit robot photos. To recognize the most gracious contributors, visit the Photo Sharing Leaderboard.


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February 4, 2020: FRC Tracker end of support announced.

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Any personal data we collect from you, such as the contact info you give when submitting team robot photos, will be kept private and used only as needed to resolve any problems. Your name may be used on the Photo Share leaderboard, but we will not add you to any mailing lists or share your contact info with any other company.

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