Release Notes

Version 2.2 FRC Tracker 2016 is released with support for a new, unified method for getting updates.

  • No more Twitter feed which could no longer support the rate of data needed during active regional dates.
  • The new update method is faster, more complete and always has official data.
  • Match results list shows scores plus Breach and Capture indicators.
  • The Playoffs view shows this year's tournament structure (like pre-2015).
  • OPR and DPR add in scores for Breach and Capture to better rate teams for the Playoffs.

Version 2.0.1 FRC Tracker 2015 is released with support for a new Playoffs view that shows progress and standings for the new playoffs format for the finals.

Version 1.5 The Finals view follows the progress of the elimination matches with a diagram showing how the alliances progress through the competition.

Version 1.4 The Photo Share feature supports uploading and sharing photos from FRC Tracker.

Version 1.3 Teams can be ranked by OPR and DPR.

Version 1.2 Adds a number of new features.

  • Show team nicknames when available via The Blue Alliance
  • Update win/loss record with Twitter match data.
  • Show schedule match times until results are downloaded.
  • Tap on a match to see detailed info about the teams playing.

Version 1.1 Adds many improvements, including support for the Championship Event.

  • New "Update Events" feature (available through the Tools tab) integrates official match results with the more detailed Twitter results.
  • Sort events by name or date.
  • In the event detail view: see match results, schedule info, and award recipients.
  • In the team detail view: for each completed event, see the team's record, qualifying rank and elimination level reached.
  • In the team list, you can search for text in the team names. This makes it easy to do things like see which teams a given company sponsors.

Version 1.0.1 This maintenance release fixed the Twitter issue and added a few enhancements.

  • Show team name and rookie year in team list.
  • Team name and sponsors viewable from the team detail view.
  • Match list improved, especially when viewing the matches for a specific team.
  • Tapping on a team in an event's team list takes you to the team detail view instead of straight to the match list, making it easier to see what other regionals a team attended.

Version 1.0 Due to a mix-up in the release of version 1.0 (almost certainly our mistake), version 1.0 shipped with a bug that caused it to download the entire frcfms Twitter archive on every update. If you are still using version 1.0, please update to the current version.


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