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2012 - Dallas West Regional sponsored by jcpenney

Photos for 10 of 39 teams:

Team 456
Siege Robotics
Vicksburg, MS
Rookie Year: 2000

Photo by:
Kimberly Melton
Team 704
Grand Prairie, TX
Rookie Year: 2001

Photo by:
Team 935
Newton, KS
Rookie Year: 2002

Photo by:
Alex Harris
Baxter Bomb Squad
Team 1296
Full Metal Jackets
Rockwall, TX
Rookie Year: 2004

Photo by:
James Brown
3310 Team Black Hawk - Rockwall-Heath, TX
Team 2164
FIRST Team 2164 The Corps
Harrisonville, MO
Rookie Year: 2007

Photo by:
Alex Harris
Baxter Bomb Squad
Team 2468
Team Appreciate
Austin, TX
Rookie Year: 2008

Photo by:
garrison hefter
Team 2848
The All Sparks
Dallas, TX
Rookie Year: 2009

Photo by:
Team 3310
Team Black Hawk
Heath, TX
Rookie Year: 2010

Photo by:
brogan Thomsen
field supervisor
Team 3735
Klein Bots
Klein, TX
Rookie Year: 2011

Photo by:
Ty Gadberry
Code and Software Engineer
Team 4298
Amarillo, TX
Rookie Year: 2012

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